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  1. Eat4Genes Eat4Genes Public

    EAT4Genes App (Data Analytics Research Fall 2021 and beyond)

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  2. AlzApp AlzApp Public

    Prototype AlzApp

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  3. IDEA-Blockchain-F21 IDEA-Blockchain-F21 Public

    IDEA Blockchain investigations, including DeFi research (DEPRECATED)

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  4. AlzheimersDS AlzheimersDS Public

    R notebooks and other materials for the Alzheimer's Data Science Summer Bootcamp (2022)

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  5. IDEA-ADA-Templates-Resources IDEA-ADA-Templates-Resources Public

    Templates and resources for ADA compliance (e.g. for R Shiny apps)

  6. IDEA-COVID-SafeCampus IDEA-COVID-SafeCampus Public

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