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Note: For extensive information, see our SafeCampus Wiki.

The notes below are meant to be used for cloning the repo and code contributions.

About SafeCampus

SafeCampus is a web application built on the R Shiny application framework, written primarily in R, with some UI functionality written in Javascript. It creates highly visual analysis of campus population data provided by RPI. You will find live versions of the app at the following locations:

Insert Link (primary)

Insert Link (secondary)

Overview Video: Insert Link

Local Deployment

To run a local instance of SafeCampus, follow the steps below:

  1. Clone the repository to your local setup; the directory IDEA-COVID-SAfeCampus will be created.
  2. Open RStudio and navigate to the IDEA-COVID-SAfeCampus directory using the RStudio files tab.
  3. Set the working directory to IDEA-COVID-SAfeCampus.
  4. Double-click to open app.R and select Run App on the top-right corner of the code window.


The SafeCampus app is in active development and undergoes daily updates. Please be sure to consistently pull from master in your local setup. If you notice any bugs, create an issue. Please ensure issues have a descriptive title, and the comment should describe where the bug was found and how you were using the application.

For all contributors, any changes made to the application should be written in a separate branch, and sent as a pull request. Please refrain from pushing changes directly to master, as we must ensure a working copy of the app at all times. When in doubt, follow this protocol:

  1. Clone the repo...
  2. cd into the resulting, new directory...
  3. git checkout -b new_branch and git push origin (to claim their branch)
  4. Code, code, code...
  5. git commit -a -m "My awesome changes"
  6. git commit -a -m "More awesome changes"
  7. While still in your branch, do a git pull (only if others are also working on the branch)
  8. Switch to master with git checkout master
  9. Sync your master using git pull <<< This is the important step!
  10. Now switch back to your branch with git checkout new_branch
  11. Now git commit -a -m "Final awesome changes" and git push origin
  12. Now you can do a PR, which should be safe from conflict.

Issues Protocol

Found a bug? Please create an issue titled as a clear sentence describing the bug. In the description, please write as many details about your working environment as you can. Details include:

  • Your machine and OS
  • Your screen size and resolution
  • The size of the SafeCampus app window
  • What SafeCampus page did the bug appear on?
  • What date/time/building/type of building/floor did the bug occur on, if applicable were selected when bug was found?
  • Any other information you may deem relevant to said bug


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