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paranr committed Mar 11, 2021
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41 9th?Street,Community Access,7AM-9PM Weekdays
1516 People?s Ave,Locked/Closed,24/7
87 Gym,Locked/Closed,24/7
Academy Hall,Community Access,7AM-9PM Weekdays
Admissions Building,Community Access: being installed,9A-5P Weekdays
Amos Eaton,Community Access: being installed,7AM-9PM Weekdays
Bar-H Dining Hall,Community Access (with meal plan),7:15AM-9PM Daily
Blitman Dining,Community Access (with meal plan),"7A-8P Weekdays, 8A-8P Sat/Sun"
Carnergie,Community Access: being installed,7AM-9PM Weekdays
CII,Community Access,7AM-9PM Weekdays
Cogswell,Community Access,7AM-6PM Weekdays
Commons Dining Hall,Community Access: Being installed,"7A-8P Weekdays, 8A-8P Sat/Sun"
DCC,Community Access: Being installed,7AM-9PM Weekdays
Empire,Community Access,24/7
Folsom Library,Community Access,"9AM-Midnight Monday-Thursday, 9AM-7PM Friday, 12PM-8PM Saturday,???? 2PM-10PM Sunday"
Greene Building,Locked/Closed,24/7
Heffner Alumni House,Locked/Closed,24/7
JEC,Community Access: Being installed,7AM-9PM Weekdays
Lally,Community Access: Being installed,7AM-9PM Weekdays
MRC,Community Access,7AM-6PM Weekdays
Off Campus Commons,Locked/Closed,24/7
Pittsburgh Building,Community Access: Being installed,7AM-9PM Weekdays
Ricketts,Community Access: Being installed,7AM-9PM Weekdays
Sage Dining Hall,Community Access: Being installed,"7A-8P Weekdays, 8A-8P Sat/Sun"
Sage Lab,Locked/Closed,24/7
Science Center,Community Access: Being installed,7AM-9PM Weekdays
Student Transition Building,Community Access: Being installed,7AM-9PM Weekdays
Student Union,Community Access,"8AM-11:30PM Weekdays, 10AM-5:30PM Saturday, 12PM-7:30PM Sunday"
Troy Building,Locked/Closed,24/7
VCC,Community Access,7:30AM-11:30PM Daily
Walker Lab,Community Access: being Installed,7A-9P Weekdays
West Hall,Community Access,7AM-Midnight Daily

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